1. Paint on wall – soothing color

2. Textured textiles on pillows, bedding or throw blanket

3. Lighting on bedside – perfect opportunity to pick a glass or metal element- choose a material that is NOT found in the room to introduce something new.

4. Comfortable area rug or carpet underfoot

5. Add flowers or plants  – nature 

The Room

No one likes clutter – so find a home for everything in the room. If it’s jewelry on the dresser – put in a jewelry box or cute bowl on dresser . Extra blankets? Put those in a trunk at the end of the bed or a basket in a corner of the room . Point is , fine a home for everything to make your bedroom a sanctuary.

The Pillows

Although we don’t like clutter there’s something very soothing and inviting about a bed full of pillows. There is NO rule to how many pillows you use on your bed , my personal recommendation is to add some textures and pattern in the decorative pillows. Couple Euros pillows, and some smaller lumbar or 16×16 to compliment your sleeping pillows. Other times , I’ve used a LONG bolster, it could be 2 to 5 decorative pillows.

The Wall Color

Some people really LOVE color and that is wonderful, But when you are looking for a COZY bedroom – Calming colors is Key . Try some light blues or greens or even a neutral grey or taupe and YES, WHITE also goes along way.


Perfect opportunity to pick a glass or metal element – choose a material that is NOT found in the room to introduce something new.

The Final Touches

 I always like to layer in natural materials.  This could be in the decorative pillows on the bed, or wood in the nightstands. Lastly, Plants, not only look pretty they are known to reduce your stress levels and naturally filter air, so bring nature in and bring in tranquility and comfort. Try a Snake plant or Heart Leaf Philodendron or simply add some flowers. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, make it cozy and relaxing.  

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