At least twice a month if not more, people ask us about these bunk beds we designed for our clients’ kid’s room. We receive emails from people inquiring if they can BUY these bunk beds, or if we sell a kit or floor plans to these two bunk beds we designed.   Answer is NO, we don’t sell kits or floor plans to these specific Bunks because they were tailored specific to the room, space and client. These spaces we designed have all the bells and whistles that took long hours designing and creating with our team, from the cool rock climbing wall to the hidden storage under the steps.

So, although we Don’t sell the design of that image, we can certainly design a creative space for you and incorporate similar elements by taking you on as a new client  . And when it’s not a good fit ( client / designer/ location) we always answer the emails / phone calls the same:

“You are welcome to show this image to your local designer / carpenter and use it as your inspiration and ask them to create a personalized design for you and provide you with Shop drawings to review and incorporate all your needs for a functional and fun space for your children .”

If you can’t custom design spaces like these with a designer, there are many companies out there that sell bunk beds with lofts and desks and other fun elements.  Of course it is not the same as custom , but you can always make the room more exciting by adding personal fun touches with accessories, rugs, lighting, etc.  Here’s some design tips to help you create an excellent kids room along with some great items to shop.

Kids spaces are FUN! However, you have to remember Kids GROW! They don’t stay little very long, so be sure to think about that and design with that in mind. Not only do kids grow, but families grow too – more kids, siblings, etc. So maybe you add trundles or bunk beds, and even if it’s an only child, they are also great for sleepovers.

5 Tips to Help You Design a Great Kids Space

(scroll to the bottom to find a “pin-able” image of these tips!)

1. Storage

Have a place where you can HIDE some toys and games .. not everything needs to be on display.

2. Bookcases

Low and accessible bookcases are great for kids and teens too!  Also, use bookcases to create a fun little reading corner.

3. Whimsical Touches

FUN & Whimsical can be sophisticated too. Fun lighting goes a long way (see some items we shopped & included in our own projects!) Also, a cool, circular mirror with geometric accents adds a lot to a room while also being functional.

4. Neutral Walls

LOVE COLOR  – However, If you want the room to age as the kids do.  Do a neutral room (white or light grey or in this case a light mauve) allows us to change the bedding out and add new pops of color. This way, the room has full flexibility as the kids get older and their styles change.

5. Classic Chairs

Invest in classic iconic accessories or cool chairs  – examples EAMES chairs or mid century mod Hooks

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