If you LOVE innovations and technology  , this was the year to be at KBIS in Orlando , Florida .  This year there were hundreds of brands showing off their latest and greatest more so than any other year I’ve been. 

A couple of my favorite products where among a couple of our Modenus Blog tour sponsors:

Wilsonart was one of those brands.  One of the never before seen products they introduced was this innovative product with it’s water resistant wet wall panels which provide no grout, easy alternative to tile.  The concept if very cool, you can install over tile over drywall and over studs.   Their products are aesthetically really pleasing.  If you are looking for low maintenance with luxury on a budget, this is the product for you. 

Wilsonart® Laminate

Blending existing styles and colors with newer styles and colors in a cohesive way can be challenging. Two new trend-forward premium laminate designs featuring AEON™ Enhanced Scratch & Scuff Resistance Technology, Drama Marble and Praline Antico, blur the lines between past and present, and coordinate well with nearly any cabinet, appliance or décor, breathing new life into the story of your space.

The new Soft Silk (-21) laminate finish is more than a stunning ultra-matte surface. This new finish is incredibly soft and smooth with a silky touch. Seven luxurious stone designs will feature the velvety finish. Visit www.wilsonart.com/finish-options to learn more.

You may or may not know that Wilsonart also offers Quartz and Solid Surface materials Check them out for your next Affordable Luxury Kitchen.  

Innovations in Plumbing

LIXIL was another one of our sponsors who represents American Standard – they have been a favorite for years. What I loved about their NEW products is that they are not only innovative they are sustainable.

In the Kitchen:

First on the market to think about water preservation with this unique… American Standard BEALE Measure Fillkitchen faucet that dispenses precise volume of water on demand.  No more filling up your measuring cup and dumping water until you have exactly 2 cups, or 4 cups, etc… THIS faucet does the calculating for you!  

In the Bathroom:

Delivering total control over the showering experience, the new Spectra+ collection offers a comprehensive range of products for savvy homeowners to customize their shower space, all from American Standard, part of the LIXIL corporation. Ranging from convenient hand showers to fixed showerheads, the Spectra+ collection empowers the user with flexible choices to suit individualized preferences for all ages and mobility levels in the home.

Technologically Advanced Solutions

Employing first-to-market technology, the Spectra+Touch showerhead changes spray patterns with a simple touch on the outside ring of the showerhead, making it easy to customize the shower experience, even with wet hands. This pioneering showerhead delivers a luxurious experience with an oversized, multi-function 7-inch showerhead that offers a choice of four 4 spray patterns.

Innovative, Two-In-One Shower System
The Spectra+ Duo model combines a 9 ½-inch fixed showerhead and 5-inch multi-function hand shower all in one sleek fixture. Designed to deliver a drenching experience through a superior width of water coverage across the user’s body, the Spectra+ Duo shower system offers the widest spray coverage of any two-in-one showerhead on the market. This functional design allows homeowners to enjoy two convenient showering options without breaking any wall tile for remodeling.
The DivertPaddle, conveniently located on the front of the fixed shower head unit, makes it simple to switch from the combined spray to hand shower only. The Spectra+ Duo’s Dock-Tite feature incorporates a strong magnet to easily and securely dock the hand shower to the showerhead.

Immersing oneself in a new dimension of showering this is what GROHE SmartControl is all about. ThePush, Turn, Shower” experience has become even more multifaceted, thanks to a new model and combination options being added to this popular line of smart shower controls.

Free Standing (3 sided) Tubs
This was a fan favorite among the interior designers I was with. These amazing “free standing (3 sided) tubs”  they have a flat backside!  Do you know how great this is?  This is perfect for those installations where you want the look of a freestanding tub but you need to put up against the wall for space saving situations or simply the aesthetic of the room.  They come in Traditional, Transitional and Contemporary styles.
How cool is this?!
Tell me,  is this something you can see using in your next project?  Please leave a comment and tell me your thoughts!


Although my trip was paid for by these wonderful sponsors my comments and opinions are my own.  I was invited as an influencer interior designer and feel very proud to offer my opinions and feedback on these products that I’ve highlighted.  This is only a fraction of all their wonderful products.  Please take a moment to look them up and spec some of these wonderful new innovated products.  You can not go wrong, these companies have been around forever. 

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