“OMG! I love your bathroom!” This is the reaction most of our clients tell us they get from their friends when they visit their bathrooms we designed. Powder bathrooms should be FUN! Since it is a smaller, confined room and it is the one place friends are sure to frequent at your house, it is an excellent opportunity to splurge on wallpaper, tile or a fun fixture. Designing a chic space is not something you need to hire a professional for, and I am going to tell you why!

Here’s what we, as designers, do:

Think OUTSIDE of the box

Be BOLD with color or wallpaper

Mix Metals

Mix modern with antique

Splurge on great LIGHTING

Some of our favorite powder room projects have started with an awesome wallpaper or some fun lighting fixtures. The bathroom in the image below is from a 2017 project, and you can browse it in our portfolio by clicking here. This powder room is an excellent example of the list I just shared detailing how to think like a designer. We went bold with wallpaper, we mixed metals, and finally, we used bold lighting by Zia Priven to make a statement in this bathroom. If you want an example of bold, yet timeless and chic, look no further than the powder room we designed for a home in Hancock Park. I feel like we shouldn’t even mention the fact that we used bold wallpaper, because it should already be jumping through the screen at you! Isn’t it fabulous? Furthermore, try to see the way we mixed modern and vintage elements in such a confined space. The vintage sink with exposed brass plumbing is so stunning and makes a statement by itself. However, when we combined the modern mirror with brass accents, it took this bathroom to the next level. These are simple design elements that you can achieve all by yourself!

Get some Inspiration from Our Projects!

Here are two of our very own client’s fun, yet timeless powder bathroom designs. As you can see, the design of these powder bathrooms is very different; however, we used the same design techniques to achieve brilliant end results.

Get some Inspiration from Our Colleagues!

We (obviously) love sharing work that our team does, but sometimes it is helpful to see styles other interior teams are using!

Lynnea Jean Interiors – TILE BACK WALL with AMAZING TILE

Carla Aston – Get playful!

Deep jewel tone walls to tie into your sink? Yes, please!  Play with shapes on mirror and backsplash… there are NO rules.  Make statements in your powder room.

Pulp Design Studios – MIX Metals & ADD GREAT WALLPAPER


Give your guests the “WOW” factor!

Here’s how you can GET THE LOOK  – Curated by Erica Islas

My powder bathroom list of “must haves” revolves around getting creative. If you want to really give your guests the “wow” factor, you have to design something that is unforgettable. Using the list I mentioned in the beginning of this post, you can see that the same elements apply here, as well. There is a bold wallpaper, a mix of antique and modern, as well as various metals and shapes. My best piece of advice is to really think about turning your bathroom into a “jewel box!”

Look Curated by Erica Islas

My Powder Bathroom Must Haves

For those of you wanting to have a very chic, timeless look for your powder bathroom, use this board for your inspiration! As always, we went bold with the wallpaper (BlackcrowsStudios shown here) by choosing a knockout color that also has a subtle inviting texture to it. Opting for brass finishes really takes a small space to the next level. We have various elements that have brass in them, whether they are textured or just accented pieces, you can see that it is all cohesive, and most definitely chic! Try These knobs and Pulls from our friends over at Park Studio LA and Buster and Punch.

Create a Chic Powder Bathroom

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Additional Product Links:

Navy Slumber Wallpaper by Black Crow Studios
Black Textured Pull Bar by Buster + Punch
Brushed Brass Knobs by Park Studio

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